Why Homestead Lacrosse

Our goal is to build something special.  Every player, every member of this team is held accountable to a new standard, the only standard acceptable at Homestead Lacrosse Club.  We want to win, to challenge for titles, to help our players earn opportunities to play at the next level.  And we're going to pursue our goals relentlessly.   

This isn't a social club.  This isn't where you come to hang out and talk about the weekend.  Our job, our objective, is to make you the best possible lacrosse player we can, working with you to develop your skills, your character-- to help you make yourself into something greater, and, in turn, making our team something greater. 

Ultimately, our primary obligation is to our student athletes, young men who have come together focused on improving their minds, bodies, and their futures.

Lacrosse, due to its rapid growth at the colligate level, is one of the great scholarship opportunities for student athletes— the NCAA lists 12.3% off all high school lacrosse players are afforded NCAA opportunities, the highest of the 15 listed sports including football (6.8%), basketball (7.1%), soccer (5.6%) and baseball (7.1%). There are also multiple other organization bodies like the NAIA that only increase these opportunities.

Of our four 2017 graduating seniors, three were offered college scholarships to play lacrosse at the next level and many of our juniors are already under consideration.

For athletes with a competitive spirit looking for a physical, demanding and challenging spring sport, there's nothing better.  And we invite you to see for yourself.  

Lacrosse Highlights and Footage

2017 NCAA Highlights

Notre Dame vs Denver Full Game

The Equipment

Participating members of Homestead Boy's Lacrosse Club need the following equipment: 

If you're looking to reduce the cost of gear, please consider looking through the clearance or discount areas of www.lacrossemonkey.com, www.lax.com and www.sportstop.com.  There are plenty of deals to get you into quality gear for less.  

New Players eager to give the sport a try but unsure about purchasing equipment are eligible for Homestead's First Year Gear program. 




Arm Guards or Pads


Chest and Shoulder Pads


Players will also need: cleats, an athletic cub and mouthguard . 

If you're looking to reduce the cost of gear, please consider looking through the clearance or discount areas of www.lacrossemonkey.com, www.lax.com and www.sportstop.com.  There are plenty of deals to get you into quality gear for less.  


The Lid:


All players wear a Cascade R helmet.  Homestead Lacrosse Club orders helmets in bulk every year at a discounted price, but if you decide to purchase yours separately the helmet must have the following color specs: 

Mask: Chromanium.  Visor: None.  Shell: Matte Grey.  Chin: Yellow.  Mohawk: None.  Vent: None.  Back: None.  Strap: White.  


The Stick:  

Homestead Boys Lacrosse Club recommends that all players have two identical sticks, strung the same way, one as a practice stick and backup and the other as a game stick. Two sticks is not a requirement, just a suggestion.  One stick is required  

All prospective midfielders and attackmen should purchase a "short stick" 40 to 42 inches long.  All prospective defenders should purchase a "long pole" 72 inches long.

The head: 

Homestead Lacrosse recommends the following heads for new players, by position.  NO OLD NFHS HEADS.  

Short Stick: Warrior Evolution, Maverik Centrik and Tatik, StringKing 2V or 2A, Under Armour Command and Command Low, Nike CEO

Defense: STX Hammer 500, Maverik Tank, Warrior Regulator, Brine Cyber, Brine Edge, Under Armour Command, StringKing 2D

Face-Off:  Nike CEO, Under Armour Command X, StringKing F

The Stringing:

Homestead Boys Lacrosse Club strongly suggests against pre-strung, or "factory" strung heads.  We suggest purchasing your stringing kit and mesh separately, and having an experienced stringer assist you.  There are plenty of resources online to help those interested learn to string as well.  If you have any questions contact a member of the Homestead coaching staff.  

How we can help

If you're interested in playing lacrosse, don't let the potential costs stand in the way.  Homestead Lacorsse has need-based scholarships, extra equipment and fundraising assistance available to help you play the sport and grow our team.  


First Year Gear

Interested first year players who are interested in trying lacrosse but worried about the initial investment in gear may apply to receive "First Year Gear," a full set of lacrosse equipment owned by the club available for players to use for their first full season of lacrosse.  After completion of that season all equipment in then returned to the club to provider the next round of first year players the same opportunity.  

First Year Gear Includes

  • Helment
  • Gloves
  • Arm Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Stick


This by no means obligates your or your son to participate, however you will receive information on call out meetings, etc, as they approach. 

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